Review: Collingwood Hand-Crafted Canadian Whisky

Collingwood Whisky

This whisky is aged in white oak barrels and finished with toasted sugar maple wood. The whisky is blended together and then put in a marrying vat for nearly a year with toasted Maplewood staves, to mellow the whisky – producing a very similar effect to placing them in maple barrels. Distilled by Canadian Mist in Collingwood.

Nose: fresh cut wood (green), brown sugar, light floral and fruity rye, a bit earthy and candy-like… maple syrup and caramel also is present. Integrated is a light floral note, perhaps peonies.  A very enjoyable nose. An odd part is that there is a note of pear which I find typically in Scotch and not Canadian whisky, which does make for an intriguing addition as well. There’s also orange peel and some berry notes – raspberry in particular- which I notice more clearly the farther my nose is from the glass. Oak is also in the background ever so slightly. The one thing I don’t love is that the rye sometimes seems a bit misplaced in the nose which doesn’t help it, and there’s a sour, meaty note coming from, I assume, the corn…25.5/30 (85%)

Taste: It’s quite sweet…the fresh wood from the nose comes in and gradually heats up with some rye flavour and spice before being covered for a second by sweet, syrupy wood notes before finishing with rye spice once more. It does  a decent job of going with the theme but I wouldn’t object to more complexity. I like the combination of the sweet and the spicy in this whisky – there’s not too much of either for me but they’re both distinctly there. It’s pretty easy drinking too. 23/30 (77%)

Finish: Dusty and spicy rye, framed with a bit of sweetness from the maple. It fades slowly into a more oaky, dry  finish. Quite pleasant – I like the changing nature of the finish and the final result is good. 16/20 (80%)

Collingwood_2Conclusion: decent, and quite approachable. My uncle doesn’t usually drink whisky, but he says he loves to have guests over and set a bottle of Collingwood in the centre of the table and watch as it is gradually drained dry over the evening. This is a fabulous mixer, for sure, and an enjoyable sipper. 16/20 (80%)

Overall: 80.5/100


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