Review: Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky (2012)

Lot 40Though I posted a fast review earlier, I decided to update the review especially as in looking at my other reviews, relatively, this whisky was not marked quite high enough (though the difference was marginal). I took a bit more time with the whisky once again, and it is marvelous (as before).This whisky was well regarded among whisky connoisseurs, until it disappeared roughly a decade ago. However, it was re-released in 2012 and was received very well – once again. Wonderfully unique and powerful, this is a fabulous release. It is made from 100% malted rye in a copper pot still at Hiram Walker distillery in Windsor, as part of Corby’s portfolio,  aged in new charred wood which is pretty apparent when you smell the bold caramel and candied rye.

Nose: This is wonderful rye, and an incredible nose! The big, and distinctive thing for me here is banana peel…and lots of it. There’s also toffee, rye bread, oak, green apple, apple juice, and it’s a bit sour. Also, there’s a touch of orange pekoe tea and some other floral elements including white, fragrant nectar-smelling blossoms which I don’t know the name of  – I believe I am talking about Koreanspice viburnum based on a quick google search – but I could be wrong. Regardless, there’s a lovely floral element to this. In comparitive reviews, this nose always jumps out to me as beautiful and complex, and it’s interesting also to see what I’ve noticed in comparitive reviews – star anise, some beef-jerky like smoky aromas, and some medicinal and chemical aromas – reminiscent of some of the medicinal qualities of Islay peat, obviously without the smokiness and earthiness (if you can imagine it). 27/30 (90%)

Taste: Lots of toffee, tangy rye, and oak. It’s very bold, spicy, and fruity with bits of green apple and banana coming through. The flavours appear to be layered, one under another which is very lovely. I get some dried apricot and prunes, and a significant layer of oak under it all. The star anise from the nose carries through as well, as well as some wonderful clove and nutmeg. The spicy tingle at the end is just right…wonderful. 26.5/30 (88%)

Finish: warm finish with rising heat as it leaves the mouth, with spicy and fruity rye eventually leaving you with the oak and a touch of earthiness. Fabulous! 18/20 (87%)

Lot 40 (2)Conclusion: quite a powerful whisky, with very distinct flavour. Nice flavour and finish…might be too bold for some tastes. Very enjoyable, and well blended. I think I don’t love the balance of flavour as much because of the overpowering rye which is why this whiskey is rated perhaps lower than some might want to give. The more that I drink this the more I like it. 18/20 (90%)

Overall Score: 89.5/100


8 thoughts on “Review: Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky (2012)

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