My Rye: Week 1 tasting notes

My whisky has spent one week in the barrel! Even after a week, there are some noticable changes. If you missed last week’s post describing my whisky project, see here.

colour: no longer white, but a light, pale gold!

nose: there is vanilla on the nose now! otherwise quite similar to last week.

taste: sweeter, for sure, with some of the harshness mellowed out. However, still quite fresh with a lot of the sharp rye from last week. there is a bit of vanilla in the mix, and spice! what a pleasant surprise to have some heating spice and heat on the end of the sip, black peppers mainly.

finish: long, and much improved. there is some vanilla, and it again lingers for some time with some nice vanilla and rye notes (however, still very much needs to be formed!)

I may not post tasting notes every week, but will keep you all up to date. Cheers!

(To see the next stage in the process, click here)


One thought on “My Rye: Week 1 tasting notes

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