Buffalo Trace White Dog, Mash #1: Tasting Notes and the Start of my second whisky creation

As my rye has made some decent progress in the barrel, I am putting in the bourbon mash and I plan to mature this whisky until it is done. After that, likely, I’ll put the rye whisky back in the barrel. For an introduction to this project, read here.

BT White Dog Mash 2

The new make comes in at 62.5% abv, which is a healthier starting point for whisky maturation. This very same new make is put into barrels in Frankfort kentucky, and turns into Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Eagle Rare, and the legendary George T. Stagg. Based on a small sample, here are my tasting notes:

nose: corn oil, yeast, corn fields late in the fall when the corn stalks are drying up, straw, cornmeal

taste: thick, sour, warm and oily corn with a bite of spicy rye. sweetness is very present as well.

finish: oily corn with some raw sugar. I don’t like the finish much; but I like it now much more than I used to when I first tried this new make.

However, overall, this is a very different beast than the rye new make from Still Waters. I am excited to see what will be come of this! Check back in next week for tasting notes.

(To see the next post of this process, click here)


4 thoughts on “Buffalo Trace White Dog, Mash #1: Tasting Notes and the Start of my second whisky creation

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