My corn whisky, week 2

my white dog has now been in the barrel for 2 weeks, and I ventured a sip! To read an introduction to this experiment, click here. here are my notes:

appearance: straw coloured

nose: oily, still far from tame…the rye from the previous fill has definitely made it’s presence shown here. there’s a bit of a barnyard aroma to it which I don’t find altogether too pleasant – I’m hoping the wood will tame that out some more. there’s some lovely sweet cinnamon, though, which I’m excited about.

taste: burns all around your mouth as you take a sip, and certainly is rye-heavy – both from the mash but added in from the rye present in the cask from the previous fill. there’s a bit of caramel and vanilla, but not much fruitiness. Very spicy…I am hoping some more sweet nature will creep in as I let it sit. Certainly a bit discoradant to the palate at the moment, and not showing as much promise as my rye did…

finish: medium length, with a bit of sweet vanilla  alongside some spicy rye. the vanilla dies out soon enough, and then does the rye, leaving a slightly sweet oak.

needs some more development! I’ll take another sip this week or the next, and post notes…

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One thought on “My corn whisky, week 2

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