Fast Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey

IMG_1010 This classic blended Irish whiskey is triple distilled (unlike most Scotch Whisky and much like most Canadian Whisky), matured and bottled in ireland. It is made from pot still whiskey from malted and unmalted barley and corn, and matured in sherry casks. It is the flagship whisky for one of the most recognizable names in whisk(e)y, and is what some of my friends tend to drink.

Nose: it at first appears herbal to me – sage and thyme.  this seems to predominate. I also get grassy notes, and some seaweed and vanilla with some mineral notes. I find it takes a bit of time to open up – the vanilla comes out more and more as it sits, with a bit of maple as well and some allspice. Has a nose full of pot-still essence… it is nice and subtle, and craft-fully woven together, but I’m not sure if I love the creation. 22.5/30 (75%)

Taste: at first I get some malt, almost as if I had drunk some beer. this is followed by a bit of sharp grassy spice and then is finished with a wave of vanilla and bean sprouts. It’s a bit bitter, I find, in places. I also find quite a lot of mineral notes in this, and in places reminds me of mineral water. There are some light spices at the end of the sip – faint white pepper. It’s quite nutty as well, all throughout. There is a bit of citrus that comes through, but it’s not overly fruity. 21.5/30 (71%)

Finish: the minerals linger on the palate for a bit, as well as a bit of rye flavour which is odd as it doesn’t actually have rye in it as far as I understand. it’s reasonably clean after some time, and a touch of vanilla surfaces. It’s ok…but not fabulous. 14/20 (70%)

Conclusion: this doesn’t really wow me, and certainly I didn’t like it at all when I first drank it. Although the seaweed smell off the nose is intriguing, I don’t love it. Although it’s matured in sherry casks, the fruit doesn’t really seem to come through in the bottling. I have some friends wIMG_1012ho say it’s one of the better cheap whiskies, but, unfortunately, I don’t think that I agree and it still hasn’t won me over. This seems to be a whiskey which seperates me from some others, so take my opinion for what it is – my opinion. Jameson has created something that is not what I would create for my palate, but evidently works well for others. Maybe you won’t fancy it, like me, or maybe you’ll be one of those who love it… 13/20 (65%)

However, in ginger ale, it has to be one of my favorites…

Overall: 71/100


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