My Corn Whisky Tasting Notes, Week 4

I am now into week 4 of maturing my corn whisky. For background to this project, click here.

I haven’t posted tasting notes every week as the changes are often quite small, but I thought I would post an update here as I recently tasted my whisky once again (it recommends tasting every week). There is still more development to come….

nose: oils from the corn still dominate; there’s a slight agave note now as well and a bit of a wet grassy aroma which I don’t love

taste: it’s sweet, with lots of heat in the mouth and there are lovely creamy vanilla and cinnamon notes…it’s still very harsh and needs some more time in the wood, for sure

finish: long, sweet corn bread, vanilla custard, oak

conclusion: I am starting to get a little bit of a sense of where this is going, but it is interesting to be in a position where I am not entirely sure! we’ll see where the oak takes it next…the part that is the most interesting for me is trying to figure out how quickly changes take place….

(to see the next post in this series, click here)


One thought on “My Corn Whisky Tasting Notes, Week 4

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