Fast Review: Ardmore Traditional Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Nose: chocolate milk! There is strong peat on the nose with prominent fruit…it’s quite fruity for something which is so heavily peated. 26/30 (87%)

Taste: there’s peat, but not of my favorite quality. Quite fruity – it has changed now since I opened the bottle as the peat faded a bit. Some spice which is nice. Overall it’s very wamr, smooth, and feels quite nice in the mouth. 26/30 (87%)

Finish: a very long finish, however the quality is good as opposed to excellent. For 40$, this is quite a worthwhile buy in the realm of scotch…17/20 (85%)

Conclusion: I like it a fair bit, and it is certainly a worthwhile buy as it is not that expensive for a single malt…16/20 (80%)

Overall Score: 85/100


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