Review: Chivas Regal Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch Whisky


An image of Chivas Regal 12 Year Old from the Chivas website.

Another classic blend, which originally supplied the Royal Household in Scotland with whisky, and hence the name “Regal” along with Chivas, the last name of the brothers (who were grocers like many of the early blenders) who originally blended the whisky. This whisky originated in Aberdeen, and, like the original blends – was suited to the palate in its market – light, in this case, on the eastern coast unlike the bolder whiskies (and blends such as Johnnie Walker) which came on from the west.

Nose: pears, roasted malt, vanilla, brown sugar, sour green apple, hay, and vanilla. there’s almost an irish pot still character to the nose as well. There are light sherry notes on the nose as well; and the nose seems quite green – it reminds me of green shoots and grass. There is, additionally, some almond and  just a tiny touch of oak. As it sits longer I do just sniff tiny hints of the peat which I taste. 22.5/30 (75%)

Taste: Quite light, with maltiness and fruit (pears) dominating at first before some fruitiness and a touch of earthy peat on the finish come up on the finish with some salt. It’s odd as I didn’t detect much peat on the nose, but it is definitely present in the taste at the end. It’s not often you taste what you don’t smell. It’s fairly quiet, light, and simple (at least as far as whiskies go!). There’s some lovely, slightly sweet malt with little trickles of vanilla. And there’s also a bit of light, milky chocolate too! Solid.  23.5/30 (78%)

Finish: the peat clings on for a bit, donating a good mossy character to the finish, and then it fades as quickly as it came, and we are left with a strong malt character and then the earthiness comes  out again from the peat, which I do quite like. There is also a touch of a vegetal note, perhaps green bell pepper, as well. Also a little bit of brown sugar. It is very clean overall. 14.5/20 (73%)

Conclusion: it’s quite bright and light, and there are no big problems with it, which is a plus – but I do wish for a bit more. It’s very light, easygoing, and drinkable. It could, in my opinion, be balanced a bit better and demand a bit more attention – but then again that may be from my spending much more time with single malts than blends in general. 15/20 (75%)

Overall Score: 75.5/100


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