Fast Review: Wiser’s Special Blend Canadian Whisky

wisers-special-blendThis is Wiser’s cheapest offering in Canada, and really the bottom of their line by a decent bit, in my opinion. It is produced, along with the other Wiser’s products, at the Hiram Walker Distillery in Walkerville, which is a part of Windsor, Ontario.

Nose: fresh wood, hints of vanilla, and a slightly sour, meaty aroma arising due to the corn with a bit of rye spice. Unbalanced and not great. 20/30 (67%)

Taste: Very smooth, light to medium bodied with some rye spice, vanilla, and sour corn. There’s a bit of a burn as it goes down…it’s simple, with corn providing the background flavours and rye the forefront flavours. There’s a bit of fruit as well – plums or cherries, perhaps, carried by the sweetness. It dies down with some spice with a bit of bitter rye. Some of the sweetness coming off the nose is a bit rum-like. 21/30 (70%)

Finish: The taste kind of collapses in mouth and then carries on into a not altogether pleasant aftertaste – a bit of bitterness and some woody notes which remind me of casks which have gone past their usable life. Seems to sort of tease you into hoping an aftertaste might come which never does. A bit of a short finish, with a bit of fruity sweetness to it as well. 12/20 (60%)

Conclusion: This isn’t great whisky, but it is drinkable. Not one I’d recommend as a sipper but surely could find its place in some cocktails. Wiser’s describes it as an “approachable” Canadian, but I would disagree in that the strong rye is a bit too harsh, I would think, for a beginner. 13/20 (65%)

Overall: 66/100


2 thoughts on “Fast Review: Wiser’s Special Blend Canadian Whisky

  1. This is, as of today, the cheapest whisky you can buy at the LCBO. I’ve tried it and honestly it’s nothing special. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination (unless you’re one of those whisky/ey snobs). If you’re just looking for the cheapest stuff….you’ve found it! Try it for the sake of trying it, but if you’ve already tried it, do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks and buy something else. 🙂

  2. I would say the review is being generous. On the plus side, I did not find it too sweet. On the negative, one of worst aftertastes ever. Might be best to mask this one to use in mix.

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