Review: Wiser’s Deluxe Canadian Whisky

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Deluxe, I suppose, is a common descriptor of the cheaper lines of Canadian whiskies..with both Crown Royal and Wiser’s offering some of their cheapest range under a “Deluxe” label. It is produced, along with all of Wiser’s whiskies, at the Hiram Walker distillery in Windsor, Ontario.

Nose: vanilla, brown sugar, and some fruit-loaded rye with some dried plums and a touch of stale bitterness. I find as it sits some notes of apricot emerge as well as some fresh pumpernickel bread and malt loaf. It’s also quite a grassy nose, and it is amidst this that I think the rye rises. 23/30 (77%)

Taste: quite clean and reasonably sweet, until there is a bit of nagging bitterness which emerges from the background. There are some decent flavours of brown sugar and rye bread throughout, along with some underlying vanilla and toasted oak. The rye is quite nice within it. It’s quite light and simple, but some of the bitterness I find to be undesirable. As I sip more I notice more apricot and dried fruits coming through. However, overall it’s quite light and pleasant. 22/30 (73%)

Finish: light, with some rye bitterness and fruit. There is some spice – mostly cloves I would think. And I find fruit emerges more as well – the same notes of apricot and dried fruits. It can seem a little simple – but there’s nothing really in it that is significantly bad. The finish appears to increase significantly in weight and volume as you drink more of the glass. It then has a fantastic mouthfeel but seems a touch empty 16/20 (80%)

Conclusion: interesting – it’s another whisky which is enjoyable, and there aren’t major flaws other than that of omission, I think. The flavour could be fuller in both depth and breadth…and some of the nagging bitterness is just a touch too much at times I think, though it is slight throughout. 15.5/20 (78%)

Overall Score: 76.5/100


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