Review: Crown Royal Limited Edition Canadian Whisky

CR LE (2)Price-wise, this Crown Royal sits in between their ultra-premium offerings and their budget offerings. As far as I know, this was originally introduced as a Canadian-only bottling, and I believe it still is.

Nose: There’s definitely some bourbon touches here! There’s plums, green grapes, and some orange blossom – it’s light and slightly floral. At times the orange in it reminded me of orange creamsicles. In the background we have glimpses of rye, and there’s some dried apricot, along with a bit of charcoal and some lemon, and, interestingly, cucumber. Despite being light, it’s still quite rich. 24.5/30 (82%)

Taste: The lightness of the nose carries through to the taste. Yet, it’s still quite sharp. There’s some green grape, apricot, marula fruit, and peach – with many hints reminding you of bourbon. There’s also some light smoke and a little trickle of spice. It is quite balanced and I enjoy how it is subtly rich amidst the light body – it would be easy to just keep drinking this. It is wonderful – but could benefit from a bit more complexity and depth . The sweetness, however, is just about right for this one. I never noticed this until a side by side tasting of other crown royals, but there are very big sherry aromas that come from the nose – it’s almost all I could smell in the side-by-side tasting! It had the light-apple like nature of fino sherry and the caramel, oxidized flavour of oloroso sherry. 26.5/30 (88%)

Finish: It’s light and grainy, with a touch of green grape and nutmeg, and some oak with a bit of vanilla eventually. There’s a bit of spice and the finish overall is quite light and bright. 16.5/20 (83%)

CR LEConclusion: This is elegant, smooth, and refined. It’s very enjoyable, and is a pleasant light sipper. It’s nice and light and very drinkable – it’s not a rough and rowdy spicy whisky, but it’s smooth, elegant, and subtle. Very nice – I’ve greatly enjoyed the bottle and enjoyed it more with each taste….17.5/20 (88%)

Overall Score: 85/100


2 thoughts on “Review: Crown Royal Limited Edition Canadian Whisky

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