Do Open Bottles of Whisky Keep?

Had a number of discussions recently on this topic, so I thought I’d repost this entry. Sku also has an excellent entry on this topic at

Whisky Won

I have been told that one of the benefits of whisky is that it is supposed to keep very well once opened, and many of my friends and simple (perhaps not directly whisky related) online forums seem to suggest this.  However, I was interested to explore this after some of my own observations.

I recently had another go at a bottle of mine (century reserve lot 15-25), and noticed it wasn’t quite what I had remembered. I had noticed before with peaty scotch that the peat diminishes over time as the bottle remains open, but I wasn’t sure how things would go with rye and bourbon. As Century Reserve Lot 15-25 is a good quality and relatively cheap whisky I decided to purchase a new bottle and compare how the new bottle was to the old one.

I had bought the old bottle roughly one year ago, and had kept…

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