Review: Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve Canadian Whisky

Forty Creek Copper

This whisky came out in 2012, and since then has become one of my favourites and my pick of choice in general for my staple Canadian whisky – largely because of the incredible flavour and price. Forty Creek Barrel Select, though also a wonderful whisky, sits $2.50 less than Copper Pot….and I think it is worth paying every cent of that extra $2.50 for this version.

For general information on the unique Forty Creek whisky making process, see my review for Barrel Select. Copper Pot is created with a blend of single grain rye, malt, and corn whiskies which are then blended together and re-barreled before bottling. Copper Pot comes in at 43%, higher than the nearly ubiquitous 40% for Canadian whiskies – which much better suits this whisky.

Nose: Much bolder than the barrel select; the signature forty creek toasted oak comes forth, alongside port, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, raisins. It’s fairly complex – even with a touch of mint and a sense of some sweetness! Caramel develops as the glass airs. I find I also get traces of chocolate and a bit of earthiness, and even a few wisps of smoke. 26.5/30 (88%)

Taste: Fairly smooth citrus entry with some good nice oakiness (lots of toasted oak!). Spicy rye builds up followed by a vanilla fade followed by warming dry rye once again. The whole whisky has a bit of a port wine feel to it also. The whisky also can seem to change as you drink it, as if you are drinking a different one every time. Toasted oak, cloves, honey, and a bit of nuttiness also feature. There’s some good underlying sweetness throughout as well, and pretty nice mouthfeel as well…quite brilliant. 27.5/30 (92%)

Finish: A long dry lingering spicy rye finish, with some nuttiness and a touch of grape juice. Eventually the spice dies down to vanilla, particularly if one drinks some water after. After some time there is even some black olive coming through…which to me is a manifestation and development of some of the earthiness found in the nose. 17.5/20 (88%)

Forty Creek Copper (2)Conclusion: Very good (especially for the price!). Complex and interesting, with good spice and flavor balance. The finish is great and leaves a spicy and dry aftertaste. The finish even seems to nicely affect the water that is drank after the whisky. 18/20 (90%)

Overall: 89.5/100



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