Fast Review: Windsor Blended Canadian Whisky

Windsor - Beam Suntory Web

Photo Credit: Beam Suntory Website

Windsor is somewhat of a misleading name, as it is not produced in the massive Hiram Walker distillery in Windsor, but rather in Alberta, courtesy of Alberta Distillers Limited. This whisky isn’t available in Ontario, but is pretty accessible in the States. It is three years old.

Nose: Many of the characteristics of this remind me of Alberta Premium, and, as it sits, Alberta Springs too. There’s a great rye thread that carries a bit of fruit, dark rye bread, and earthiness – quite brilliant, really – in the mix. This sits on top of a slightly oily and light base. There are some light cola notes that start to emerge, along with some cinnamon, banana bread, toasted oak, and vanilla. The rye thread is pretty brilliant, but the rest is a bit lacking. 25/30 (83%)

Taste: Slow to start, but picks up with some cinnamon, vanilla, toasted oak, cola, and light fruitiness (again, I would liken it to banana bread), drying slightly towards the finish. Towards the end, there’s a bit of a note reminiscent of bourbon and some anise. There is some bitterness here, too, and it is a little overdone. 23/30 (77%)

Finish: Cinnamon, vanilla, banana bread, some grassy rye, green apple skins, and a bit of bitterness. It has medium length and body, which is surprising after the lightness of the palate. The bitterness is a touch too much, but, otherwise, it’s decent. 16.5/20 (83%)

Conclusion: This is a bit simple, and not really one I would take to sip, but the profile would suit as a decent mixer. It definitely shows shades of Alberta Premium and Alberta Springs, so it is no surprise that they come from the same family, but I think this product is inferior to both of those. 15.5/20 (77.5%)

Overall: 80/100


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