Fast Review: Bowmore Darkest Aged 15 Years Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

An image from the Bowmore Website

An image from the Bowmore Website

This whisky, produced at Bowmore on the island of Islay on Scotland, is aged for 12 years in a bourbon cask before an additional 3 years of aging in a sherry cask. It is called, “darkest”, I assume because of its darker colour compared to its other regular stablemates in the 12 and 18 year old – it is my favourite of the three.

Nose: The peat of course comes through, but the sherry influence tempers and supports it. Vanilla, canned peaches, custard, and a bit of orange juice come through. The peat combines with a bit of peppery spice for a nice effect. 27/30 (90%)

Taste: There is a citrusy, vanilla tinged entry with some slightly tart dried fruits before the smoke presents a good puff of smoke on the finish. I find the spices more developed than on the 12 year old version, with some slight cinnamon and clove and black pepper on the finish as well. There’s a nice level of sweetness, and I find the body and sweetness better set on this one than on the 12 year old version. 26/30 (87%)

Finish: Some spices come through with the smoky peat, still carrying a moderate acidic character leaving you a bit thirsty for more. There’s also a slight bit of malt that peeks its head out here and there, which I didn’t notice much on the palate. Smoke, of course, is very present as well. 17.5/20 (88%)

Conclusion: I do like this malt quite a bit, and I find the sherry finds its place nicely in this one. In this brief tasting, I am noticing less tingly spice than I remember the last time I tasted this – I remember a whisky which I would have rated a bit higher than this 17.5/20 (88%)

Overall Score: 88/100


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