Canadian Whisky Awards Announced!

Each year a panel of nine independent whisky experts tastes through a large number of samples, blind, to dish out a number of Canadian Whisky awards at the Victoria Whisky Festival. The winners are announced – take a look here.

On a side note, in “award mode”, I want to heap on a bit more praise for Forty Creek Evolution. I loved it (absolutely), and recently have taken it up with a few friends on a number of occasions this month. It has awed them as it has awed me (occasionally a few don’t like the profile) – and even as I have pondered more and had more I even increased my score (which I rarely do). It brings forth stories, memories, ideas…the nose, in particular, is absolutely phenomenal. From a complex, lengthy, balanced, and fascinating nose to a taste and finish which are delicious but restrained enough to let you appreciate them (you couldn’t keep the whisky in your mouth nearly as long as you can keep your nose in the glass) – I think it’s beautiful. I have re-posted my review.


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