Review: Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

JB White Here we have the best selling bourbon in the world, from the largest bourbon producer in Kentucky. It is 4 years old, distilled to 135 proof (67.5%), put into the barrel at 125 proof (62.5%), with barrels scattered all over the many warehouses at Jim Beam.

Nose: Lightly fruity, with some apples, caramel, corn chips, dried apple crisps, oak, and a touch of maple – the aroma has many hints of corn and is slightly sour, at times with a bit of unhelpful bitterness also present. There is both a slight rye dustiness is also present, along with some buttery character, likely from the corn. The sour and bitter components are a bit off-key, which is too bad, and overall the nose is a bit lacking. A bit of vanilla comes out with time. 23.5/30 (78%)

Taste: Corn is quite center-stage here, and is quite present throughout. Starts with some toffee, and then peaches, but shows some development in the finish where some oak emerges with some rye and spice. The rye flourish at the end is a nice effect. But, overall, a little flat at times…24.5/30 (82%)

Finish: Light oak, vanilla, cherries, green gooseberries, and lightly dry tannins. The other flavours leave fairly quickly, but the fresh oak is quite nice – much like the smell of a fresh oak barrel or oak stave that has been dried out. 16/20 (80%)

JB White (4)Conclusion: Not one I’d regularly sip, but, like most whiskies, I still enjoy sipping this. It has medium body but some very nice rye kick to it that I quite like. It would be a good mixer with the light fruitiness and the kick of rye. 15.5/20 (78%)

Overall: 79.5/100


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