Fast Review: The One Blended British Whisky

The One

The Lakes Distillery just opened recently, in the Lake District – an absolutely beautiful region of England – my favourite area in the world. This winter, I had the chance to drop by and try their blended whisky, which is a blend of whiskies from all over the British Isles – rather than simply a Scottish or Irish Blend, though most of the components come from Scotland. The distillery itself is quite spectacular and care was certainly taken in planning and building it. They will be making a single malt but it is still maturing and will be ready in 2017; they also make an absolutely fantastic toffee vodka.

Nose: Pear, light smoke, and a decent kick of maltiness. Sometimes, there’s a bit of light bitterness too. The smoke seems to come out better with time and improves the nose. 22.5/30 (75%)

Taste: Fairly sweet, with malt leading the way and some light earthy peatiness coming in right at the end. Some vanilla and nuttiness underlie the whisky as well, with a touch of dried fruit, and smoke, which seemed to grow as I continued with my sample. The body has quite a decent feel on this whisky. At first I thought the sweetness was too much but as I’ve continued I’ve thought it balances the profile well. 23.5/30 (78%)

Finish: Light, a bit malty, with some nuttiness (almond particularly), dried fruits, and a tinge of bitterness which sometimes is quite detracting. Light spices too, and from time to time the peatiness makes a short comeback. 15/20 (75%)

Lakes Distillery 2Conclusion: The whisky is quite light and, in a sense, easy going with key nutty characteristics. However, really, it’s quite plain and not that intriguing. The nuttiness and smoke are alright, and the body is good, but overall not that interesting. 15/20 (75%)

Overall: 76/100


One thought on “Fast Review: The One Blended British Whisky

  1. Recently visited the distillery where they make this stuff; nice enough afternoon out, well presented and slick, bit dull. And the same, unfortunately, can be said for the whisky; it’s well presented and slick but gosh, it isn’t half boring. As has been said on other sites, this really is whisky for people who don’t much like whisky but like to think they do. And for a blend, at the price they charge for 70cl, they have got to be joking; for that price, you can pick up a good single malt, full of character and intrigue. The One has all the character and intrigue of a golf dinner. Would avoid in future, and really cannot recommend.

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