Another fun whisky project: A Solera/Heritage Bottle

IMG_1782First, I should say, I came across this idea from Ralfy, who does this for a few of his own bottles. The idea, more or less, is inspired from a Spanish sherry solera system, where a number of barrels of sherry are essentially mixed together into a large batch and a relatively small amount is withdrawn to be bottled. Every time some is withdrawn, new sherry is added, resulting in a mix of sherry from the time the solera system began to the most recent batch. This is also in place for some rums and whisky, among other things.

I only began this in the fall, but I thought I’d post about it as I love the idea. Start a bottle or half bottle by blending together some whisky you already have, and then every time you are to the end of a good bottle of whisky, add 50 ml or so to the blend, drinking and sharing as you go as necessary. Thus, you create a blend composed of your favorite drams over the year. Not everything blends together perfectly, but with experience and experimentation you figure it out. My blend, you may guess, is composed of a few of my favorite Canadians. Also, if you know the whiskies, you can see where they fight and play together individually – also fun. And my guests that have tried it have really liked both the experience and whisky too. I frankly, have been surprised at the quality of the blend too. In a few years, it will be a great gift too!

For those interested, I have the following in my blend at present (though this is ever expanding!). Most are for significance, but a few for balancing as well.


2 thoughts on “Another fun whisky project: A Solera/Heritage Bottle

  1. I just saw Ralfys video last week and started my own Solera. Mine is all Scotch so far though. I was planning on adding a good amount of Ninety 20 year old Rye to add some age to the younger malts but after adding just a tiny amount of Glenlivet 18 and then testing a glass with a little bit of 90 added I decided not to. Are you ever going to add scotch or bourbon or are you keep it a Canadian thing?

    • This one I’ll keep as Canadian. I initially was also going to start a few others, including a bourbon and two scotch bottles, but I decided to see how the Canadian one would fare first. Not sure if I’ll start those later or not yet.

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