Fast Review: MacNamara Gaelic Scotch Whisky


This blended scotch whisky is produced by the same company which produces Te Bheag and the Poit Dhubh blended malt whiskies. Macnamara means “son of the sea” and is produced to be a lighter blended whisky.

Nose: Apple juice, and a light grassy and spicy character and some vanilla. Overall, lightly fruity, nutty – and a bit of complexity comes through as the peat interacts with some of the dried fruit – but overall not very intriguing. 23.5/30 (78%)

Taste: A medium body with some vanilla and nuttiness- and not a whole lot of flavour- before some dried fruits and light smoke and barley come in toward the end. Goes down pretty easy. 24.5/30 (82%)

Finish: Vanilla and orange take the finish with nuttiness and very light spices. Becomes quite grain driven as the finish continues with light vegetal and dried fruity touches (dried apple particularly), and reasonable body/feel. 16.5/20 (83%)

Conclusion: This is a nicely balanced blend – and certainly not offensive in any way. Enjoyable as a causal/background whisky. 16/20 (80%)

Overall: 80.5/100


One thought on “Fast Review: MacNamara Gaelic Scotch Whisky

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