Fast Review: Poit Dhubh 12 Bliadhna Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Poit_Dhubh_12_Ye_4cfe5736ee9c3“Poit Dhubh” is pronounced “potch gu” and means means “black still”, in other words, an illegal still. The blended malt whisky is presented well, un-chill filtered and bottled at 43%. This whisky is 12 years old, though the company also bottles an 8 year old expression.

Nose: A bit of an off-note on the nose – still has that vanilla, cacao, smoky peatiness of the 8. apple, raisin, light nuttiness, a light sherry rancio note, earthiness, some candy notes, lemon, a slight off barnyard note as well. Reasonably complex, but the off-note takes away from the nose. 25/30 (83%)

Taste: Vanilla, with some smoke, pear, and raisin, …lightly off as found on the nose. Slightly bitter. Lightly sweet – just about right to balance out this whisky. There’s also some chilli pepper in the mix here. 25.5/30 (85%)

Finish: Smoky, fruity (apple/pear), creamy, caramel, pear, guava, slight nuttiness, light oak, and some more of that saffron. Lightly dry, with some white pepper playing in as well. The feel of the finish is quite good. 17/20 (85%)

Conclusion: The sherry casks certainly come through quite well. Though there’s a bit more elegance to this whisky than the 8 year old, there are more straying bits to it and I don’t like it as much. There’s certainly more creaminess at work, though. 17/20 (85%)

Overall: 84.5/100


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