Review: Glenmorangie Original 10 Years Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glenmorangie 10Glenmorangie certainly cares a lot care a lot about wood – they were the first single malt brand to use cask finishes (when a mature whisky is put into a “flavoured cask”, i.e. sherry, wine, bourbon, etc.) and even have bought an area in Missouri’s Ozark mountains to source oak, and they only use their casks twice. Glenmorangie also has the tallest stills in Scotland, which are based on design of ex-gin stills from London, installed when the distillery was founded – taller stills lend to more copper contact and only the lightest aromas getting out of the still – resulting in a light spirit. The tall elegant bottle is perhaps reminiscent of their stills.

The brand, frankly, puts out some great malts and is the 2nd best selling single malt in scotland after Glenfiddich, occupying the 5th position globally. The quality (and price) of this whisky understandably lends it to be one of the most common “everyday drams”. This particular whisky is made from 100% american oak barrels, both first-fill and aged second fill barrels.

Nose: Applesauce, filtered apple juice, fruity barley, a rich butteryness seemingly from the grain, light oak, caramel, stewed fruits, dried apricots, and creme brulee. Other dried fruits start to richly develop as it sits too. It’s very pleasant and nicely put together. 27/30 (90%)

Taste: Vanilla, with a slightly sweet, nutty flavour that develops slowly for some time. It almost has a white wine-type feel to it in its fruitiness and light grape qualities. It’s no wonder that they thought to stick this in Sauternes casks…The barley, itself, shines through so wonderfully in this one. 27/30 (90%)

Finish: The barley comes in on the finish too and it is quite bright and fresh, with the nuttiness still in the mix.. Quite decent length and finish. Fruity, too, with a sort of floral feel to it as well. Malty, also, and good length and flavour. One of the great finishes, particularly for a 40% standard bottling. 18/20 (90%)

Glenmorangie 10 (2)Conclusion: Pleasant and well balanced. The more I spend time with this, the more it seems to offer. Well done. At first it felt a bit flat, but not so! The scores above were nearly held at 90% the whole way – a testament to the dram being very well crafted start to finish. Very nice stuff. 18.5/20 (93%)

Overall: 90.5/100


6 thoughts on “Review: Glenmorangie Original 10 Years Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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  2. Thanks for the review Jason. You clearly really liked this one, even over the popular cask-finished expressions.
    I’m curious, did you detect any off-notes on your sample? I got to try this one recently in a bar, and found a persistent whiff of acetone (nail polish remover) that marred it somewhat for me. Personally I am a fan of the Dalwhinnie 15 as a delicate, aperitif-style dram, although my personal tastes tend to go toward those sherry/sauterne cask finishes.

    • Not here, now. I have some other times – in bars I often wonder how much of an effect the oxygen has depending how quickly they go through bottles. Glenmorangie is one I’d maybe worry about developing those sorts of things with oxygen.

      Acetone, also, is not always negative for me – I like some of those smells at times, though it has to fit in well. But I didn’t notice any here. The sauternes finish is wonderful.

      • Yes, I usually like to see the bottle before ordering, to make sure it’s not the last dregs sitting in a big bottle of air. This was one time where the bottle was hidden from my view, so it’s possible it was a bad sample. I have a friend who likes (and stocks) this base expression, so I’ll see if I can try from his stock next time I get invited over.

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