Fast Review: Cadenhead’s World of Whiskies Canada Potter’s Distilling Co. Aged 24 Years

IMG_20150711_223305267This whisky was matured in a bourbon barrel and is a fine example of some solid old Canadian corn whisky, as we’ve seen in Highwood products. This whisky was from a single cask, aged 24 years, purchased originally from the Potter’s Whisky Broker. The bottle comes in at 56.5% (cask strength), and was released in February of 2014 – only 126 bottles were released. Again, this was a whisky tasted due to the generosity of a friend at a tasting this summer.

Nose: Dry, with maple, oak, and rich, rich grain and vanilla. Very nice. 27.5/30 (92%)

IMG_20150711_223327856Taste: Beautiful – there is a balance of sweetness, oak, and grain. It is rich and dry on the palate as well. 28/30 (93%)

Finish: Slightly sour, peppery, and oily with some of the vanilla and oak poking through. 18/20 (90%)

Conclusion: This is fabulous stuff – deep, rich, with a diverse profile. 18.5/20 (93%)

Overall: 92/100


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