Whisky for Holiday Gifts

We are fast approaching Christmas now, with 2 weeks away, and I often get asked for recommendations of what to buy. Of course, this largely depends on budget and preference, so here are some recommendations of good, accessible whisky. These have a few different ranges and I’ve tried to pick whiskies which are available and sit at a few different price points (I’ve included rough Canadian pricing for reference/comparison).

At a basic level, here are 5 very good, generally available, whiskies,which should all appeal to a broad range of taste preferences. Any one of these would make a fine gift for a whisky lover:

If you know a bit about what you are looking for, here is a more advanced list of recommendations:


Subtle & Complex


Bourbon & American Rye


Straight Rye






I’m looking for something different!

Pick up an Amrut (Indian) or Kavalan (Taiwanese) – both produce very high quality whiskies and their whole lineups are good.

Beyond this, feel free to see more of which whiskies I think are the best here.


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