Review: Highland Park Aged 12 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky (2015)

HP 12 (2)And here we have, once again, another Highland Park. I love their whiskies, but I wanted to post this as sometimes there can be some significant variations in quality – if you ever tasted HP and weren’t impressed, it’s likely a bad batch. Despite this, they still remain one of my favorite distilleries as the quality of their liquid, when good, is absolutely phenomenal. However, the bottle I picked up last year was certainly sub-par.

A link to my previous review, along with a bit more discussion on this bottling, is provided here.

Nose: Sweet sherry, with a medium malt body. In the background, lightly, we have some detracting sulphur while this is also showing more dry earthiness than I’m accustomed to in a Highland Park 12. Apple sauce, honey, candied oranges, pepper, but less floral than the Highland Parks that I love. 25/30 (83%)

Taste: Fresh orange, cacao, and raisins, with the peat and sherry doing a bit of work together – lightly floral in points. Slightly sweet, and drying lightly on the finish with apples and honey playing more of a role towards the end. All this said, though the flavours around the malt aren’t quite what they should be – the malt, itself, is quite brilliant here. 25.5/30 (85%)

Finish: Slightly dry, with orange, green apple, sweet heather, light sulphur, and vanilla. 17/20 (85%)

Conclusion: After some fabulous batches of HP12, it’s too bad to see one like this..I wonder how many times people’s first experience of a great whisky is that of a poor batch HP 12 (5)which doesn’t take them back. All that to say, the Highland Park 12 is worth going back for, and thumbs crossed for the next batch. 16.5/20 (83%)

Overall: 84/100


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