Review: Forty Creek Confederation Oak Canadian Whisky (Batch C)

IMG_2035 (Large)Tonight, the Canadian whisky awards get announced, and in anticipation, why not post a review for another batch of Confederation Oak. I have now tasted all the batches A-F, lucky indeed. E, though I didn’t review it, showed some more fresh oak than the others but didn’t impress me in my far-from-ideal tasting of it during the Forty Creek Whisky Weekend. This sample is thanks to a fun sample swap with a reader of the blog!

Nose: Showing some bourbon-like creamy vanilla notes, some different profiles of oak – musty, toasted, and charred – light rancio-like notes, and some fatty corn. Complex, and well integrated, but lacking some of the multi-dimensionality of the best Confederation Oak releases. A bit of light fruit (like grape) emerge as it sits, too. 26.5/30 (88%)

Taste: Classic smooth delivery, with good viscosity in the mouth and a balance of sweet and spice. Toasted oak, citrus, and a spicy underbelly to this one, and light acidity once again doing some good work to hold everything together. The spice, in fact, I like in this – but it makes it less elegant than some of the releases. It certainly holds more spice than Batch F! As might be expected, the palate finishes off with a touch of nuttiness. 26.5/30 (88%)

Finish: Vanilla and oak come through at first, with some tingling spice (clove and dried ginger) and citrus and a very light bitterness, but not one that detracts much – perhaps more like a strong tea than a bitter coffee. Lightly creamy as well. 18/20 (90%)

Conclusion: Interesting – this release seems a bit more driven by the grain than any of the other Confederation Oak releases that I have tasted – Batch D seemed more cask driven, and Batch B and F had a better balance between them (the better releases, in my opinion). It would be quite the taste to line all these up from A-F. 18/20 (90%)

Overall: 89/100

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5 thoughts on “Review: Forty Creek Confederation Oak Canadian Whisky (Batch C)

    • Probably B in 2012 and E or F in 2015. Because there is so much subtlety beneath the general profile of the whisky, I find I don’t really appreciate it to its full extent unless I take time with it..not sure what your tasting was like though.

      • In the first case, I’ll admit it didn’t strike a chord with me, so I generously shared. Friends here in Mumbai LOVED it!

        In the second case, was part of a tasting so had very focused attention for about 20 + mins.

        I’m keen to explore more Canadian whiskies and watching from the fringes developments with craft distilleries…. Albeit from a far distance here in India!

        What would be ones you would suggest for my next pilgrimage to Canada to bring back for tastings in India?

      • Well, depending on how much space you have to take these back: Wiser’s Legacy, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, Gibson’s 18 Year Old, Lot No. 40, Gooderham & Worts, Ninety 20 Year Old, and Pike Creek – probably in that order if you can find them. Not sure what you’ve had.

      • Thanks for this list! Two litres is the limit. 🙂 Already have a Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye purchased & waiting plus sampled in Singapore last month… But the others? Haven’t had the pleasure so now all go on my “Canada List” 🙂

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