About This Blog

This blog, simply, is about whisky. The title, “whisky won”, refers to the phenomenon where you search for something, and, when you find it, you don’t need to look anywhere else. As a person that loves to smell, taste, and savour, I often sample depths of flavours – particularly present in well-crafted alcoholic drinks, though they are, of course, present elsewhere. After exploring wine, rum, beer, and gin, I came upon whisky and my quest for something “better” was completed. Of all the drinks I have tasted, savoured, and described, nothing has captivated me like whisky has (although I still very much enjoy the above-mentioned drinks). Simply, it is the winner of any drink supremacy contest for me.

I don’t know how often it is that you come across products which regularly take over a decade of work to produce (multiple decades if we consider a key ingredient, oak). The art of whisky is an amazing combination of grain, nature, and the whisky maker. The master distiller has a fair bit of say in how the whisky comes out, and yet, once it goes in the barrel –  although you have educated guesses – you never really know what will come out!

Hopes for this blog

The main reason for starting this blog is to spread information. Whisky is an investment, and often I wish I knew more about what I was buying. My hope is to increase the availability of knowledge about whiskies to add to the knowledge of the consumer and the connoisseur.

A secondary reason is simply that Canada makes spectacular whisky. Long before I had even tasted many Canadian whiskies, I heard the usual story of Canadian whiskies being polite, unremarkable, smooth and without much depth (as some might say about Canadians themselves!). Although there are many which fit that bill, there are also  many that can run with the best whiskies in the world. Although I will review other whiskies, I hope, particularly as a Canadian, to promote the enjoyment and knowledge of Canadian whiskies. For my American and other friends out there, I am sad with you that many of Canada’s best products don’t leave the border. Come visit and, while you’re at it, pick up a bottle or two!

As for me, I am not what I would call an expert but rather, perhaps, a careful layman. Take my opinions as just that – they are the result of my analysis using my palate and my nose, which will notice, pick out, and like different things than others.


4 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hello……Have a Glenfiddich 21 yr old in Wedgewood decanter and original box (untouched) I would like to sell. How would I go about this?
    Alan Dafoe Courtenay BC

    • Canada is difficult because of laws regarding shipping alcohol to/from. The best way is to find an auction somewhere, but these are not easy to find in Canada and I don’t know if any are still running. I’ll see if any of my friends know of any – there may be more out in BC.

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