Canadian Whisky

This page will likely grow as I write more on Canadian whisky, but I have organized posts I specifically wrote about Canadian whisky (other than reviews) below:

Top 10 Budget Canadian Whiskies (2014)

Top 15 “Mid-Range” Canadian Whiskies (2014)

Forty Creek Weekend and Distillery

100% Whiskies

One unique part about Canadian whisky is that the blending of a product is done with powerful whiskies, often solely fermented, distilled, and aged as a single grain. These are blended with other whiskies to produce another product, but at times we see expressions of their single grain forms or blends thereof. This is often seen in Single Malt Whisky, with 100% Malted Barley, but you don’t often see other single grain whiskies made from, say, 100% rye, 100% corn, 100% unmalted barley, etc. Here is a (growing…) list of single grain Canadian whiskies I have reviewed:

100% Corn

100% Rye

100% Malted Barley

100% Unmalted Barley

100% Wheat

Recommended Whisky Blogs

There are countless whisky blogs, not many of which deal much with Canadian whisky – it is easy to find lists of these. However, the following bloggers deal well with the topic and I recommend:

Canadian Whisky

The Rum Howler Blog

Whisky Lassie

Whisky Analysis (a new but very interesting and unique site)

And there are probably more – if you know of any let me know!


3 thoughts on “Canadian Whisky

  1. i have a bottle 1955 canadien whisky schenley five thirty not open,(seal) no.3300008, i will like to know the value,(price) thank-you. you can answer me and french im frome quebec.

    • I don’t know, frankly. There isn’t a very big market for old Canadian whiskies, at this point. Though that is a very neat bottle, finding enough Canadian collectors who would purchase it might be difficult – it might even be easier in an international market.

      My French, though I’m working on it, isn’t much better than Google Translate at this point, unfortunately.

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