Whisky Creations

Barrel 1Below are links for my posts throughout my process of maturing whisky with a small cask, among other things.

Still Waters Rye New Make Maturation:

  1. Introduction and initial tasting notes
  2. Week 1 tasting notes
  3. Week 2 tasting notes and update
  4. Final Tasting Notes (Week 8)

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1 Maturation:

  1. Initial Tasting Notes
  2. Week 2 Tasting Notes
  3. Week 4 Tasting Notes
  4. Week 7 Tasting Notes
  5. Week 10 Tasting Notes
  6. Week 15 Tasting Notes
  7. Final Overview and Tasting Notes (Week 21)

Other Projects:

Smoked Whisky

Solera/Heritage Bottle


7 thoughts on “Whisky Creations

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